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An application means advertising yourself.

A successful application must include a professional application dossier, because only those who can present their knowledge and skills convincingly will succeed in the working world.


The experts at BROMsolutions know what the labour market is looking for and will help you to put together your application dossier. If possible, you should therefore bring the following documents when you come to see us (does not apply to US or Canadien candidates - only resume is necessary):


  • CV incl. photo (Word document)
  • List of projects (Word document)
  • Academic/employment references, certificates, confirmations of course attendance (scanned, all in a PDF document) 

(Advisory services are free of charge to candidates. BROMsolutions does not pay travel or other expenses, however.)


Now all you have to do is arrange an appointment with one of our BROMsolutions experts.

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